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Non-Taxable M&A Transactions

There are several non-taxable M&A reorganization types available to business professionals.  Many business and tax professionals understand a Section 1031 non-taxable exchange where like-kind property is exchanged between taxpayers.  Similarly, under Internal Revenue Code Section 368, certain business mergers and acquisitions can qualify for tax-exempt status.  These transactions involve the exchange of stock or assets for equity interests.  Under some types of reorganizations, cash is paid to the target corporation (seller) resulting in a partially-taxable transaction.  There are several types of business reorganizations available under Section 368:

  • Section 368(a)(1)(A):  "A" Reorganization - Straight Merger
  • Section 368(a)(2)(D):  Forward Triangular Merger
  • Section 368(a)(1)(C):   Acquisition of Assets with Stock
  • Section 368(a)(1)(B):   Acquisition of Stock with Stock
  • Section 368(a)(2)(E):   Reverse Triangular Merger

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