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Davis Law opened in 2013 and is owned and operated by Attorney Derwin Bryan Davis.   Attorney Davis holds a Bachelor in Business Administration from Georgia State University with a major in Accounting and Finance.  Mr. Davis also received a Masters Degree in Financial Planning and his Juris Doctorate from Georgia State University.  He has over eighteen (18) years of small business experience and holds a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation.  Attorney Davis also has numerous real estate and asset investment experience and training.  Mr. Davis begin his legal career by interning at the State of Georgia Public Defender's Council and by volunteering with Metro-Atlanta Public Defender Offices.  His current case load consists of 50% business cases and 50% family law and criminal defense cases.

Davis Law is committed to providing value-added services to our community and clientele.  Our value stems from our dedication and level of work-ethic, and our commitment to providing thoughtful and goal-oriented legal services.  We pride ourselves in reducing the costs of legal services while increasing the outcome and productivity of our legal services.

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